Established in 1978, Belgravia Decor, owned by the Italian design and manufacturing company Zambaiti Parati, continues to be renowned as the leading supplier in the UK for beautifully textured in-register vinyl wallcovering collections.
At the end of 2018, we opened our British design studio, based in the North West of England. Our specific focus is to curate new trend-led collections for the UK market. 
Our British design studio has an absolute passion for wallpaper design, and many years experience of bringing new design trends, technique and innovation to the commercial UK market. 
We design in-house, or with other British and European artists, always with our aim being to create stunning artwork. This is the beginning of our design process. We style and colour all our collections in-house. We produce our wallcoverings using the very best wallcoverings factories, who we love to work with.
Our superior vinyl collections are designed and produced in partnership with Zambaiti Parati based in Bergamo near Milan. The Zambaiti studio and factory have a wealth of experience in technique and innovation, and the Italian flair for design! 

The collaboration between our UK studio and the Italian studio is extremely exciting, with both studios working together to strive to bring amazing designs onto the UK market.


We are very proud of our continually evolving wallcovering portfolio, which combines the best of Italian vinyl design with a wealth of many other new design styles, techniques and substrates. 


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